Starting with HTML
HTML Stands for (Hypertext Markup Language ) it is very basic language used to create web pages or document pages on www (World Wide Web). Tim Berners-Lee is the first author of HTML. HTML page contents is collection of Tags called HTML elements.  It enclosed within lessthan and greaterthan symbol ie <> and eg. Is <html>.
                Some tag comes with pair for eg. <html>,  <b>  <u> etc
                Some tag called unpaired tag it also called empty element element. For eg. <img> <br>

Hypertext stands for the text which some formatted with link means it have ability to display another page or link between same page, onclick on hypertext it will be redirected on another page of same page it called hypertext.

Markup means specific part of the web page how it should be display in web browser.

Structure of HTML
      <TITLE>First Web Page</TITLE>
      <P>Welcome to my page</p>
Note: HTML tags are Case Insensitive: <P> means the same as <p>. Many web sites use uppercase HTML tags.